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Festival fun

Last weekend I packed the tent and the kids in the car and headed off to the Elderflower Fields festival in the Ashdown Forest. It was our first experience of a family festival – we weren’t disappointed. The organisers had done a fantastic job of creating a whirlwind of activities & music which appealed to adults & little people in safe and beautiful surroundings. My kids enjoyed having the freedom to roam and I loved the laid back vibe and the stunning views from the top of the main stage field, looking down watching the festival play out against the backdrop of the beautiful Ashdown Forest.

One of many special memories was sitting in the natural auditorium of the Woodland Stage late one evening. The music was fantastic and there was a sea of happy faces. Amongst the trees, a huge disco ball was cleverly illuminated to create a mass of twinkling lights amongst the branches. So now I’m home I’m wondering, how can I hang a disco ball in the garden…

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Abigail Ahern’s new paint range

bowery-blueI love the work of interior designer Abigail Ahern and was lucky enough to visit her pad for a Design Masterclass a few months ago. Abigail’s home is jaw droppingly stunning, filled with beautiful and interesting furniture and accessories. Her down to earth approach is totally refreshing, valuing junk shop finds as much as covetable designer pieces.

She’s just launched her own paint range, some of which were already on the walls of her home when I visited. Each of the inky, sludgy hues were sumptuous, cosy, cool and edgy. The paint range has now been launched and is worth checking out, not least because they all have great names – such as New York inspired ‘Bowery Blue’, ‘Madison Grey’ and ‘Mercer Green’.

Ahern’s style is to paint out the walls, ceiling, doors and frames in one of her signature dark shades, then punctuate it with bright punchy colours. The look is dramatic, (but not for the feint hearted!) and as a source of inspiration, it’s first-class.

If you’d like to be brave with paint colour, feel free to call me for a chat.

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